Sick and tired of not getting the results you’re looking for with digital marketing?

Still wondering what to do next when something wrong happens?

Looking for leading done-with-you help and support with digital marketing?

Become more accountable with over-the-shoulder help to producing profitable digital marketing campaigns that work.

This page is designed to help direct you to the right path of getting personalized help, support, and knowledge.

Who Am I

For those who are not familiar with who I am, Hi, I’m Tucker Ferwerda, and to date, I’ve now trained digital marketing strategies and techniques to over 3200 people. These people can be anywhere from solopreneurs and freelancers trying to make things work to leading companies and corporations. What I teach works.

What I’m About

I’ve been interviewed on podcasts regarding up-to-date digital marketing tactics that work. I’ve been interviewed and featured in large publications including INC, Huffington Post (which was sadly taken down during the Huffington Post contributor crash), and many more. I’ve spoken for digital marketing events. I’ve hosted my own events for digital marketing. I’ve been featured in blogs. I’ve signed tens of thousands of dollars worth of digital marketing consultations. I know a little about this stuff and I am grateful I get to share the information I know with others.

I have been where you are. I personally know the struggle with trying to grow businesses and getting results in a rapidly changing environment. I understand what it’s like to start at ground zero.  I understand my student’s and client’s pains from not experiencing the results they desire.

What I Do

My Digital Marketing Results Coaching is designed to help you obtain a vast amount of knowledge in a short amount of time by completing the right steps at the right time. We start with your foundations and show you why that’s important. We then continue to build upon strategies that work with social media, paid traffic, organic traffic, and sales funnels. The entire process we’re showing what makes sales and what doesn’t. It is my job to show you the way, and your job to implement what has been taught.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • Advertising, social media, and digital marketing must-have mindset
  • How set up your foundations that lead to sales
  • How to design your own sales-driven websites
  • How to understand what digital marketing platforms look for
  • How to increase sales from Facebook Ads
  • How to increase sales from Facebook organically
  • How to increase sales from Instagram
  • How to increase sales from Youtube
  • How to increase sales from Pinterest
  • How to increase sales from email marketing
  • How to increase sales from chatbots
  • How to create high-converting sales funnels
  • How to find out what your customer will pay you money for
  • How to create offers that sell
  • How to set up automation systems that allow you to focus on what’s important
  • How to get sales from paid and organic methods of advertising
  • How to scale your campaigns with ease by understanding advertising platform algorithms.
  • How to get more sales from affiliate marketing
  • How to leverage 6 streams of income with every customer or client
  • Much more

What To Do Next

If this sounds like a great fit to you, request an invitation below. If accepted you’ll receive an email within 7 business days of receiving the email.